mashton-mycake: hey i saw ur industrial piercing post and i was wondering what it looks like when you take the bar out. is there a hole and if so is it noticeable?

I took mine out a while ago for work, but i couldn’t get it back in… Now it’s totally fine, There aren’t any holes to show where it was or anything. So if you take it out, it doesn’t show :)

hope i helped. xx

beaver-tits: i really want an industrial piercing, but idk if my mom will let me,any advice on how should i ask/convince her? thanks :)

first of all, if you’re over 16, you can get the piercing without parental permission if you have I.D.
If you’re parents are laid back, like mine were, they won’t mind because it’s a personal choice.
if they aren’t, there’s a slight chance that convincing them might work, just tell them why you want to the piercing, and what it would mean to you if they let you. Tell them that you’re making the choice for yourself.
don’t yell, if it gets to that point though.
if they say no, you have two options -
1) just let them win, just agree, and maybe wait for next time to ask again.
2) get it anyway. (this one is a bit dangerous) industrial piercings are very easy to hide if you have long hair. You can always just chuck a beanie over it if you have short hair too.

all and all, it’s really up to you. Everything you do is up to you. If you like it, then get it, if you don’t, then don’t.
Parents are just trying to protect you from whatever they believe they are protecting you from. As long as you’ve got your morals in check, then you’re totally and utterly fine.

Make sure you tell me what you do!!

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The way she holds him

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no srsly why is her hand so big i 

I really love this.

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"Can I call you? I miss the sound of your voice."(via bodv)

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